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GeneCo Board of Directors

The Management of Amber Does Dallas


Ali   -   Marketing Manager, Pavi Largo, Trixie and Ensemble

Ali is what the people of the Tejas region call "a tall drink of water".  But that's just skimming the surface, no water-related puns intended.  She is a dancer, a lover and a maker of sweetness and joy.  Just don't cross her or you'll find out just how dangerous an angry pastry chef can be.  They're still cleaning frosting out of the last guy who pissed her off.



Iva   -   FOUNDER, Inventory Manager, Janet, Magenta and Ensemble

Iva is a mother of three and is married to Beau.  The later led to the former but she seems to be happy about it. God only knows why. When she is not raising her children and keeping her husband in line, she enjoys Beau, Beau and more Beau.


Scully   -   FOUNDER, Stage Manager, Shilo Wallace, Nathan Wallace, Columbia, Trixie and Ensemble

Scully is a self described action nerd and for that reason found herself drawn to the idea of shadowcasting as a means to further the Repo experience. Scully’s favourite activities include making new and shiny gore props for the show. If she ever has a stupid smile and a far away look in her eye it’s because she is dreaming of a projectile blood cannon. When Scully is not working on cast business she kills time by searching concerts for the perfect mosh pit and fostering animals for a local rescue group. Most recently she has developed an unhealthy obsession with all things Doctor Who and has entertained the idea of constructing a TARDIS in her living room. The boyfriend was not amused.


Walker   -   FOUNDER, Tech Manager, Spotlights, Rocky and Sound

They say the man they call Walker came from a West Texas town, where he'd gunned the local marshal down and that he killed a bear with his bare hands when he was three years old. The truth is that he's just this guy, you know? The guy who is now our Head Technician aka He Who Must Be Obeyed Regarding All Things That Could Catch On Fire Or Trip Someone.  What he does when he isn't shadowcasting isn't any of your damn business.


GeneCo Employees

The Cast And Crew Of Amber Does Dallas

Amanda D.

Amanda D.   -   Rotti Largo, Crimmie, Trixie and Ensemble

Amanda is a social conservative nightmare brought to life. She is a voluptuous, tattooed lesbian Pagan.  She is involved in an interracial relationship.  And she just happens to run a daycare and dress scantily on the weekends for fun. Having been a fan of Rocky Horror for years, joining cast was an obvious and inevitable decision. The only reason she hasn't been burned at the stake by now is because most conservatives don't believe that anyone like her could possibly exist in Texas.


Amber G.

Amber G.   -   Magenta, Blind Mag & Ensemble

Amber is not the Amber in Amber Does Dallas.  Her boyfriend is not named Dallas, though he does live there.  She also doesn't play Amber Sweet but we hope somday that she might.  Then we could make posters that say "AMBER DOES DALLAS PRESENTS AMBER AS AMBER SWEET".  Yeah, we're easily amused.


Andrew   -   Tech

Andrew is the silent master of all things technical and deadly, seldom seen and yet his absence is felt like a cool breeze on a hot day.  When he is not controlling what you can and cannot see at our shows, he is a retail slave and professional Curtis Armstrong impersonator. 



Beau   -   FOUNDER, Nathan Wallace, Pavi Largo, Graverobber, Riff Raff, Rocky. Frank and Ensemble

Beau has been shadowcasting for more years than any sane man would dream of.  Luckily for us all, Beau is quite, quite mad.  Famed throughout the Dallas area for the elaborate costumes he creates for theme shows and conventions, he frequently makes costumes for his young children as well.  Yes, that's right.  Shockingly Beau has managed to have sex.  With a woman.  Who married him.  At least three times.  When he is not attempting to breed more Hellspawn with his lovely wife Iva, he enjoys role-playing games, board games and wearing his Repo Man costume anywhere and everywhere..


Caitlin   -   Ensemble

Caitlin is newly addicted to all things Rocky and Repo. Initially exposed to it by a former roommate, she became a full-blown addict after meeting Nako and hearing about what she spent her weekends doing.  From that point on, Caitlin was all but helpless before the beast that is shadowcasting.  It overcame her. It penetrated every part of her, fulfilling her as nothing else could, leaving her spent and exhausted yet somehow craving more.... is it getting hot in here for anyone else?



Chayce   -   Ensemble

Like so many innocent young women, Chayce fell into the wicked lifestyle of shadowcasting through the gateway of the slightly less wicked lifestyle of a cosplayer. Perhaps this could have been avoided if she'd shown an interest in more ladylike things like having babies or macrame rather than playing video games and singing? Who can say? All we know is that Chayce is totally obsessed with dancing around wearing practically nothing and there's nothing that can stop her from doing that anymore... thank the many gods!



Draco   -   FOUNDER, Nathan Wallace, Graverobber, Luigi Largo, Eddie and Ensemble

A member of Amber Does Dallas since the very beginning, Draco is perhaps most well known for his portrayal of Luigi Largo - a part Draco claims he is uniquely qualified for, sharing Luigi's love of sharp knives and hatred for... well, basically everything. When he is not making everyone uncomfortable, Draco enjoys cosplay, prop-building and hiding bodies with his girlfriend by moonlight.


Drew   -   Rotti Largo, Eddie, Doctor Scott, Rocky and Ensemble

Drew is the end result of a no-longer classified but still actively denied project of the American military complex. A Freedom Of Information Act search uncovered some sketchy details involving military service in Vietnam and a directive from then President Nixon regarding the commissioning of "Wing Attack Plan M".

What this means to anyone is a mystery, especially Drew, who believes he was born sometime after the Vietnam War ended.   As far as he's concerned, he's just this guy who loves video games, cosplay and boobies.  He is perhaps best known for hosting various events at local Anime conventions and for playing the part of "Drag Mag" - without a film accompaniment - at our first annual Repo Drag Show.


Gypsy   -   FOUNDER, Blind Mag, Shilo Wallace, Janet, Columbia, Rocky, Trixie and Ensemble

Gypsy is not actually of the Roma. Well, she might be. She has the dancing outfit at least. But we can say with certainty that Gypsy is not a superheroine with the power to turn invisible. Well, she might be - we've never actually seen her going off to fight crime, so she could well be an invisible superheroine. But we are fairly certain that she isn't the purple robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 who does all the work on the Satellite of Love. We’re also fairly certain that when she isn’t performing, she enjoys reading, comic-collecting and that she is employed as a pre-school teacher. If the thought of her being responsible for shaping young minds doesn’t scare you, you clearly aren’t paying attention.


James   -   Rotti Largo, Eddie, Doctor Scott, Crimmie and Ensemble

James is a veritable master of disguise. Even at the shows where he isn't playing a major part, you can count on him wearing some outfit or another. If you have trouble spotting James during the show, just look for the spazziest person in the most outlandish costume. That will probably be him. Not surprisingly, James is an active cosplayer and frequent attendee of the local Anime conventions. He also collects original artwork and mugs made from the skulls of those who opposed him.


Jennifer   -   Frank, Trixie and Ensemble

Jennifer came to us from the legendary Paradise Island: Home of the Amazons!  She came seeking a mate as is the custom of her people.  Somehow, she got distracted from the whole subjugation of Man's World thing although she did get married - the day after her first performance as a member of Amber Does Dallas, oddly enough.  Her husband has yet to die from the Snoo Snoo.


Justin   -   Luigi Largo, Brad, Graverobber and Ensemble

Hailed by an obscene cacophonous dirge like a thousand mouths crying out in pain, the gleefully perverse nightmare known as Justin was thrust like a poisoned dagger into the heart of the world around 23 years ago. Fueled by filth and fury, theater and the performing arts may be one possible career choice for Justin, but he knows that to hope is but the first step on the long road to disappointment. For now, he uses his performing hobby to help slake his blood lust and allow the world to witness his depravity. Demon to some angel to others, Justin currently studies anatomy at TCC and plans to work and earn coin as a surgical technician until health care degrades to the point he can work as a real live repo-man (Think it won’t happen? Have you seen where health care is going?).


Karla   -   Shilo Wallace, Luigi Largo, Magenta and Ensemble

Karla was first exposed to the twisted world of shadowcasting (and her future boyfriend, but that's another story) at a REPO! panel at the YuleCon Anime festival.  Two years later, she followed her then current boyfriend into our ranks and became an unofficial official performer, playing the challenging roles of Dog Chasing After Rocky #3 and Dancing Stuffed Animal.  When she is not dancing on-stage for us while dressed as a Corgi, she dances elsewhere dressed as a Corgi.  She also enjoys cosplay, hats and Draco - presumably whether or not he is cosplaying or wearing a hat. 



Lea   -   Ensemble

There are rumors to the effect that Lea is not of this world and is a being of vast supernatural power. These are, it should be emphasized, rumors and nothing more. She's a perfectly ordinary actress/fan-fiction writer and there is no evidence of her having been seen shape-shifting into a demonic form or pulling the souls out of poor unfortunates in the dark alleys of Deep Ellum. None whatsoever.



Marc   -   Doctor Scott, Ensemble and Tech

Once upon a time, Marc was a relatively normal geek with a regular gig working as a Con Security Guard. It was sometime after one faithful A-Kon that he was sucked into the sundry world of Shadowcasting. He primarily works at a number of technical positions that involve heavy lifting and playing with electricity.  It is said that if you pour Guinness into a bowl and leave it on your doorstep under the light of a half moon, he will magically appear the next morning and slap you silly for wasting good beer.


Keely   -   Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Keely was first exposed to the glory that is Rocky Horror at the tender young age of four.  Or perhaps five.  We can't prove that this is why she turned out the way she did but we don't think it could possibly have helped.  When she is not dancing around wearing very little, she enjoys corrupting the innocent, shoe-shopping and researching a way to make men pregnant.



Matt   -   Ensemble

Matt reassures us that he is a humble beer delivery man and not the Lex Luthor of Earth 37 and that he only shaves his head because the ladies like it when there's no hair.  He then says "If you know what I mean" and shouts "BOOM!"  He then goes back to looking over his plans for a Kryptonite powered laser.  Yeah, we try not to bother him too much...



Meg   -   Ensemble

Meg came to discover us after a chance meeting with some madman with a blue box, who told her about this show she just had to see. For some reason, she listened to him and she liked what she saw so much she decided she had to be a part of it. When she is not blessing the masses with caffeinated beverages, she enjoys video games, cheesy movies, comic books and crime-fighting in the dead of night.

Michael S.

Michael S.   -   Photographer and Tech

You don't see Mike much because he is in the business of making sure we are seen, even while he himself stays quiet and ignored.  He first took photos for us at Amber DeVille's REPO! Birthday Bash in early 2011 and we were so amazed by the job he did that we've had him taking photos of our show as much as possible since then.  When he is not taking photos, he enjoys working on tech and his girlfriend, who totally did not pay Starman five bucks to write this.


Michelle   -   Amber Sweet, Trixie and Ensemble

Michelle is also known as Cupcake, despite the protests of many that said nickname is already taken.  Regardless, it cannot be denied that Michelle may be likened unto said pastry.  For like a cupcake, Michelle is made up of sweetness and light and all manner of good things.  She is so sweet that her smile has been proven to increase your chances of becoming diabetic and it is said that the Archangel Gabriel told her to give it a rest for fear that the Material plane would be disintegrated by the sheer amount of positive energy she exudes.



Monk   -   Tech, Riff Raff, Brad, Janet and Ensemble

So there's this guy. We call him Monk. Why? Partly because it's his last name and it's a lot easier for us to remember than than his first name. That and we're fairly convinced that at any moment he could erupt into a massive display of kung-fu badassery to put Jet Li to shame. Any moment... NOW! Ah, you missed it. Too bad. It was awesome. When he isn't being a mysterious master of 30-ways-to-kill-a-man-with-his-bare-hands, Monk enjoys gaming, music (both listening to and playing) and playing with electricity. In fact, he gets paid money to play with electricity which is all kinds of Metal.



Nako   -   FOUNDER, Amber Sweet, Blind Mag and Ensemble

Long ago in a far away land, there was a girl. Some say that she was a fairy and some say she was a princess. Others say that she was both and neither. What all the legends do agree upon is that her name was Nako and she was part of a strange race known as The Kazp-La-Ers. Her singing was beautiful beyond description and her garments – which she made herself – were of the finest weave and design, according to the legends. It is said that she traveled away through the many kingdoms, attending fairs while disguising herself and pretending to be that which she was not, as was the custom of her people. It is also said that, for reasons only known to her, she occasionally manifests once a fortnight, often in a variety of guises, upon the stage in the magical Lake Wood, and performs for any who will come to listen.


Orion   -   Ensemble

Orion is a lovely boy, except on those occasions when he is a lovely woman.  He'd like to try and defy the stereotypes that modern society places upon single gay men but the sad truth is that he really DOES love traditionally feminine activities like dressing up, dancing around, cooking - and of course, having sex with men.  Treat him well though and perhaps you will have a prize position working as a house slave when the gays take over and force most of the straights into the mines.


Roth   -   FOUNDER, Pavi Largo, Luigi Largo, Frank and Ensemble

Roth Farrar born in Amarillo, TX escaped to Dallas in 2007 to follow his dream of becoming a 2D animator! Sadly, UTD only offered 3D. But still! He gave it his best shot!...and failed the coding...miserably. Falling back on his natural showmanship and constant cries for attention, he switched his major to Arts & Performance. Since then he has made many a new friend in the exciting and sexually charged field of theatre! He also cosplays and is widely popular in the TX con scene. It was from a fellow cosplayer and cast member, Zander that he learned about the magic that is REPO! He quickly joined the cast and is having the time of his life playing Pavi, Luigi, Graverobber, and hopefully more roles in the future!


Rude   -   Brad, Rotti Largo, Doctor Scott, Crimmie and Ensemble

Rude, as his name implies, is Lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life.  He is Ill-mannered and discourteous.  He is unlearned, lacking education or knowledge.  But he is also vigorous, robust, and sturdy in a natural raw state.  He has also been known to be abruptly and unpleasantly forceful.  Is it possible the webmaster had no idea what to say about him and just copied the dictionary?  That is possible, probable and likely.


Sarah   -   Ensemble

Despite what the song says, Sarah does not - in fact - have storms brewing in her eyes.  What she does have is a wicked sense of humor, a wonderful husband and a loving heart.  Which is cool and all but I think most of us would rather have storms brewing in our eyes.  Especially if we could shoot lightning bolts out to smite our enemies.  That would be sweet!  But I digress.  So where was I?  Oh yes.  Sarah.  Cool lady..



Seras   -   Riff Raff, Trixie and Ensemble

Seras has been involved in the creative arts for quite a long time, having been involved in choir since the age of 3 and theater since the age of 7. This, combined with a love of all things related to Jim Henson, led to her running away from home in a misguided attempt to find The Muppet Theater and apply for a job. Somewhere along the line, she fell into the sordid world of cosplay. This proved to be a gateway drug leading into the even more sordid world of shadowcasting. And here she is now. Don't make any sudden movements.


Starman   -   Riffer and Tech

He stands at the center of the universe, old as the stars and wise as infinity.  And he can see the turning of the last page long before you’ve even started the book.  He’s like rain and fog and the chilling touch of the grave.  He is called many names in a thousand tongues on a million worlds.  Heckler.  The Smirking One. Riffer.  The Lonely Magus. Wolf-Brother.  The God of Snark.  Mister Pirate. The Asshole In The Hat.  The Guy In The Rafters.  Captain.  The Voice In The Back.  But here and now, in this place and in this time, he is called The Starman.  And... he's wonderful.


Former GeneCo Employees

Former Cast And Crew Of Amber Does Dallas


Aly   -   Trixie and Ensemble

Trixie and Ensemble

Amanda R.

Amanda R.   -   Ensemble and Photos


Ensemble and Photos

Amber H.

Amber H.   -   Ensemble


Amber M.

Amber M.   -   Ensemble



Ashley   -   Ensemble

Blind Mag, Janet, Magenta and Ensemble


Ben   -   Ensemble



Brandi   -   Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Amber Sweet and Ensemble


Brittney   -   Ensemble



Caleb   -   FOUNDER, Tech



Chelsea   -   Pavi Largo, Trixie and Ensemble

Pavi Largo, Trixie and Ensemble


Danny   -   FOUNDER, Tech Manager

Tech Manager


Dante   -   Nathan Wallace and Ensemble

Nathan Wallace and Ensemble


Emily   -   FOUNDER, Stage Manager, Blind Mag, Shilo Wallace, Rotti Largo, Graverobber, Frank, Magenta, Janet, Columbia, Crimmie, Trixie and Ensemble

Stage Manager, Blind Mag, Shilo Wallace, Rotti Largo, Graverobber, Frank, Magenta, Janet, Columbia, Crimmie, Trixie and Ensemble


Halo   -   FOUNDER, Amber Sweet, Nathan Wallace, Pavi Largo, Columbia and Ensemble

Amber Sweet, Nathan Wallace, Columbia and Ensemble


Hannah   -   Columbia, Ensemble, Photos and Tech

Columbia, Ensemble, Photos and Tech


Hollie   -   Blind Mag and Ensemble

Blind Mag and Ensemble


Jafo   -   Ensemble, Photos and Tech

Ensemble, Photos and Tech


Jarrod   -   Ensemble



Jeremy   -   Rotti Largo, Doctor Scott and Ensemble

Rotti Largo, Doctor Scott and Ensemble


Jepha   -   Ensemble



Jess   -   Ensemble



Josh   -   Photos and Artwork

Photos and Artwork

Justin M.

Justin M.   -   Security



KC   -   Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Amber Sweet and Ensemble


Kayla   -   Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Amber Sweet and Ensemble


Moogle   -   FOUNDER, Blind Mag, Ensemble and Props

Blind Mag, Ensemble and Props


Parvy   -   Ensemble & Tech

Ensemble & Tech


Saturn   -   Frank, Doctor Scott, Crimmie and Tech

Frank, Doctor Scott, Crimmie and Tech


Shawn   -   Security



SurGen   -   FOUNDER, Marketing Manager and Ensemble

Marketing Manager and Ensemble


Suzo   -   Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Amber Sweet and Ensemble


Tora   -   FOUNDER, Amber Sweet and Ensemble

Amber Sweet and Ensemble


Tseng   -   Crimmie and Ensemble

Crimmie and Ensemble


Wes   -   Pavi Largo and Ensemble

Pavi Largo and Ensemble


Zander   -   FOUNDER, Graverobber and Ensemble

Graverobber and Ensemble


Zenchi   -   FOUNDER, Rotti Largo

Rotti Largo