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Last Updated on Saturday, 14 January 2012 09:14
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01/22/12 - Photos Page updated with Friday The 13th Double Feature pictures.

01/19/12 - Website reactivated after The Strike Against SOPA.

01/14/12 - Videos Page updated with Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).

Last Updated on Sunday, 22 January 2012 20:37
February 10, 2012 ~ Rocky Horror Mardi Gras Show PDF Print E-mail


Ah, Mardi Gras.  Once a sacred festival, modern society has perverted it into a day of debasement, revelry and corruption.  And what better way to celebrate that spirit than with a night at The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

See the immortal, immoral cult classic performed by a live professional cast!  Enjoy a drink in the Arcade Bar before the show or take it into The Lakewood Theater with you to enjoy as you watch the show!
The magic begins when the doors open at 11 pm.  After some music, dancing and our pre-show festivities, Rocky Horror will begin promptly at Midnight.

Tickets are only $11.  Prop Packs are available for $4. Please note that outside props are not allowed.

NOTICE: We love a good debauch as much as the next gang of deviants, but Dallas city ordinances prohibit the exposure of various fleshy areas.  Please ensure that any carnival costuming is street-legal.  Gentlemen, keep it in your pants.  Ladies, if you must flash for beads, please wear pasties, electrical tape or something that keeps your most sensitive regions covered.  And please drink responsibly.  Failure to abide by these rules will result in your removal from the theater and our taking all of your beads.  Seriously.

Purchase advance tickets on-line at The Lakewood Theater website.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 January 2012 21:42
February 24, 2012 ~ Texas Furry FIesta PDF Print E-mail


Amber Does Dallas is proud to announce our status as Special Guests at Texas Furry Fiesta 2012!  This will be our first time performing there and it will surely be a night to remember as we bring Repo! The Genetic Opera to a new audience.

The show begins at 10 pm on Friday, February 24th.

For advance ticket sales and pricing, please visit  FurryFiesta.Org

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 January 2012 21:54
Ladies of Amber Does Dallas 2012 Calendar PDF Print E-mail



New for 2012, it's the Ladies of Amber Does Dallas 2012 Calendar!

Made from Space-Age materials as used by the engineers at NASA, you'll say "wow" every time you look at the Ladies of Amber Does Dallas 2012 Calendar.  Use it in your home, your office, your car - even on your boat!  The Ladies of Amber Does Dallas 2012 Calendar can be used anywhere at any time!  Just read these testimonials!


"The Pavi doesn't know which of their faces he'd wear first!"
Pavi Largo, Billionaire Playboy

"I don't really get much use out of calendars with all the running around I do.  But if I were to use a calendar, I'd definitely use this one.  Allons-y!"
Dr. John Smith, A Doctor

"The perfect thing for keeping track of the master's affairs."
Riff Raff, A Handyman

"I'd give my right hand to get a copy of that calendar."
Ash J. Williams, Survivor

"I would be liking to punch these women."
Count Tarakan,

"Instead of a glory hole, now I have this awesome calendar instead."
Josh Nubkin, Sad Pervert

"As an ancient Mayan priest and soothsayer I have foreseen many things.  The Deaths of Kings.  The Fall of Empires.  The Coming of new Ages.  All this and more I have seen.  Yet even I could not have predicted a better way to countdown the end of days than the Ladies of Amber Does Dallas 2012 Calendar."
Kan Doit, High Priest of Qaholom


You too can dramatically improve your life and get your very own Ladies of Amber Does Dallas Calendar.  Just $10 at the show AND now available on-line through PayPal for only $12.50!
($10.00 + $2.50 Shipping And Handling)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 15 November 2011 19:21



February 10th @ 11 PM
@ Lakewood Theater

February 24th @ 10 PM
@ Texas Furry Fiesta

1825 Abrams Pkwy
Dallas, Tx 75214
(214) 821-7469

Terrance Zdunich Terrance

Map to the Lakewood

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