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Below is a list of links to various videos of pre-shows, shows and other things we have done together as a cast.  The most recent videos will be in embedded windows.  For the rest of the videos, click on the video name to open the link in another window.

01/13/12: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

08/26/11: El Tango De Roxanne

08/26/11: Count Tarakan's Istanbul (Spooky Dan's version)

08/26/11: BadAssRussian.com


08/26/11: Count Tarakan's Istanbul Not Constantinople


08/14/11: The Internet Is For Porn from Avenue Q


08/14/11: It Sucks To Be Me from Avenue Q

07/22/11: Hitler Rap

07/08/11: I'll Never Be An Emo Vampire


06/11/11: Numa Numa

06/11/11: Spice Up Your Life

06/11/11: Brooklyn Rage

06/10/11: Spice Up Your Life


05/27/11: Numa Numa

10/29/10: Time Warp

9/24/10: Floorshow Kick Line (Rocky Horror)


9/24/10: Floorshow (Rocky Horror)


9/24/10:Sword of Damocles (Rocky Horror)


9/24/10: Tik Tok (Rocky Horror)

08/13/10: Phat Ghetto Columbia

07/25/10: Do You Want To Date My Avatar? Pre-Show

11/27/09: Joe Virus' 21st Century Cure Remix at The Church

11/27/09: Joe Virus' Legal Assassin Remix at The Church

11/23/09: Joe Virus'  Zyrdrate Anatomy Remix at The Church

07/16/09: Joe Virus' Zydrate Anatomy Remix at The Church

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