The show started off with a simple – but well-loved – preshow. Brad and Janet singing Love Is An Open Door from the Disney film Frozen. The audience seemed quite excited about it and probably for reasons beyond us doing a pre-show based around something besides Let It Go or Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

There was much displaying of nipple-tassels this evening, with our Trixies – Karla and Amanda – offering quite an impressive display at he end of our opening act. Wren too let her girl flags fly later in the show as Janet. 

Our Ralph and Betty for the evening were winners of that night’s Virgin Game. In honor of Father’s Day, we had each of the virgins give us their best “I Am Not The Father!” celebratory dance in honor of every player on The Maury Povich Show who just discovered that he is not the baby daddy of that ho’s kid.

If Betty looks familiar, he should. That’s Rick Gutierrez – host of The United States of Geekdom podcast, producer of the Cult Film Fanatics Podcast and the awesome bloke who organizes a lot of panels and the Doctor Horrible screenings at All-Con every year. Rick has worked with us before on a number of projects but this was – shockingly! – his first time to see Rocky Horror in a theater. We were all too happy to pop his cherry and probably ensure we’ll never be asked to appear on one of his shows again. 

Alas, most of our pictures for the evening are lost in time and lost in space and meaning. We can only assume it was because our cameras gave up on capturing of the sheer amount of awesome that was on our stage, including a special appearance by our Absent Friend Drewski as Eddie! 

And there was so much more! There was a baby-size throne for Sweet Transvestite… for some reason. There was Eddie’s WWE inspired death, with Frank taking him out with a folding chair. The bedroom scenes were particularly wild with Janet handcuffing Frank to the tank to get a little “absolute pleasure” for herself and Frank giving Brad a Chippendales style lap-dance in the grand Chris Farley tradition. Frank also entered the stage for the floorshow with a homesick abortion strapped to his leg.

There is so little we can say without pictures to show you. But we can say this. We owe a debt beyond repaying to Joe Moyer of Joe Moyer Photography for generously allowing us to share his photos of the show with our fans. Thanks again, Joe!